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SHIELD n PEEL for WINDOWS delivers a temporary surface protection to most non-porous surfaces. It protects against possible damage caused by cement, paint or render spatter, welding and grinding flecks as well as other damage caused during the building, renovating and cleaning process. 


Shield n Peel for Windows provides protection for:
• Windows
• Aluminium frames
• Rubberseals
• Balustrades
• Benchtops
• Most non-porous surfaces

Provides protection against:
• Mortar, render, plaster, paint
• Dirt, dust, mud & grime
• Most solvents
• Light impact

Allow a border of 5-10mm around the surface to be coated. If coating is required of rubber seals and non-porous frames, be sure to apply liberally, 2 coats for ease of removal once product has dried and protection is no longer required.

Shield N Peel