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Company Profile

TA Distributors has a long and measured history of supplying shade cloth, weed control
plastic sheeting, plastic floor protection and bird netting in Melbourne, across Victoria and
Australia wide.

We give personal service and have been the product knowledge and the commitment to
the highest standards for product reliability,

TA Distributors are market leaders in the field, because we know the process, the product
and the people who use it. We have an efficient and speedy in house system of delivering
the client’s orders.

Our business prides itself in meeting the needs of our customers, and we make sure the
process is seamless. We have the industry experience, the distribution network in place and
the understanding of what our client’s need.

If you are unsure of the quality of what you are buying, it’s time to talk to us- we can help
you and reassure you as to what you need to do.

Change to a supplier, with expert knowledge in the field, who can source a variety of quality
products and be able to discuss the advantages of using those product.

Our business strives for excellence - in what we buy, in what we sell and the advice we give
our clients.

TA Distributors will arrange on-site visits to clients who require additional advice in relation
to suitable plastic choice. We have an excellent window protection film and many domestic
and commercial clients have used it and been pleased with the results.

TA Distributors, 1st in quality and advice, 1st in cost effectiveness and 1st in the efficient
delivery of the product.

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